Monday, February 18, 2008

A Terrible Thing

some comp.lang.lisp yobbo wrote:
You know, with you, I just don't know how to read your posts (I mean all the stuff about arc). You're like one of those oriental mysteries that this sub-linear mind just cannot fathom.

Google Adsense feels your pain. This is a Lisp blog and I have seen ads for furnace installations and nursing jobs in Hawaii. Well, what do you want from people who use Python?

Lemme help. In your country, do you have the game "in plain view"? The inventor was a genius of psychology, especially perception. Here in Umaguhwallaweeland we like to do it with chocolate candies on Easter aka find-the-candy-day. We take little candies (or for the adults splits of vodka) and scatter them around the house in plain view of anyone standing in any normal location.

The seekers run about frantically freaking out over the fact that they know they are missing chocolates or Stolys just there for the taking while the hiders try not to lose bladder control looking straight at the candies watching the seekers burn more calories than a seagull in a headwind.

Something like this:: Maybe I was too hard on Sohail

That said, your confession indicates you are almost ready to leave the temple. You just need to make the Giant Kenny Leap (GKL). This was when I realized that when I had these weird feelings of dissonance that G*d was speaking to me so I would never be wrong if I just listened, that the dissonance meant something and that for the love of G*d I should not ignore the dissonance.

When writing code, that is, but I recognize the rule in your inner conflict.

Bullseye. Arrow. Just let go.

The GKL moment came working on The Greatest Lisp Application ever now sadly lost to mankind (another story) but during whose creation I realized nothing more sophisticated than that if it feels bad stop it and if it feels good yadda yadda. As you in your temple-leavingness detected this is not and should not be subjected to the impotence of conscious reason, the mistake that doomed AI but I digress.

One of the quotations in my fortune cookie file covers someone who came close but in the end failed on one of my he-cannot-be-serious posts and decided I was serious... when your pattern recognition system recognizes irony, why are you are arguing? Your PRS safely jaywalks you across a dimly lit four-lane highway in a driving rainstorm while it is a crapshoot whether that is deoderant or hairspray your cortex is applying to your underarm.

Just Listen to these vagosities percolating up from neural regions unknown--there is no truer guide. Shakespeare almost had it right:
What a tangled web we weave when first we reason. 

And the United Negro College Fund was just a hair outside as well:
The mind is a terrible thing.

Oops, here comes The Odd Couple re-run, gotta go.

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